The company’s shareholder capital is divided into 76,086,311,036 shares, with no face value, all belonging to the same series.

As of September 30th, 2020, all shares were subscribed and paid, and they were owned in accordance with the following breakdown:

Shareholders Shares %
Enel S.p.A1 49,456,102,073 65.00%
ADRs (Citibank N.A. according to circular 1.375 of the CMF) 2,629,727,778 3.46%
Chilean Pension Funds 10,040,791,770 13.20%
Custodian Banks 237,085,868 0.31%
Foreign investment funds 9,150,647,070 12.03%
Brokers, Insurance companies and Mutual Funds 3,195,939,669 4.20%
Other Shareholders 1,376,016,808 1.81%
Total shares 76,086,311,036 100.00%

1 :During August 2020, Enel SpA increased its stake in Enel Américas, reaching 65%. However, the information reported in the Chilean regulator (CMF) does not include the last ADRs purchase, due to the new ADRs are still not converted into local shares.