Enel Americas debuts interactive online platform for presenting its 2022 Integrated Annual Report

  • The website https://beyondreporting.enelamericas.com which was designed to provide a better user experience and extensive report on the company's results during 2022, offers Enel Americas’ stakeholders the chance to access detailed information on the company’s different areas of action, generating value and building sustainable relationships over time.


Enel Americas developed an innovative proposal for presenting its 2022 Integrated Annual Report, with a special focus on economic, social, environmental, and governance aspects. Through an interactive online platform, it presents relevant contents for its different stakeholders, with detailed information on its strategies, investments, business model, risk management, relations, corporate structure, sustainability plans, corporate commitment, future vision, and many others. 

“Thanks to the collaborative work of our teams, we were able to consolidate this idea and hope to communicate more clearly, transparently, and with better documentation with our different interest groups, who are at the center of each of our objectives and guidelines as a company. We want to take this opportunity to invite you to share your comments with us to be able to continue improving this tool, which looks to strengthen and optimize all of our relations,” says Maurizio Bezzeccheri, CEO of Enel Americas.

A new digital concept that narrates our performance, delivering detailed and didactic information on Enel Americas’ actions with its stakeholders, with the goal of bolstering created value and distributed value, thus generating sustainable relations over time. Both transparency and equity are the guiding pillars for the creation of this updated guide.

“This new digital model for accessing information expands the logic of a report solely on financial statements. This new model also provides all details of interest to communities, individuals, partners, vendors, and customers. We like that this model of presenting our results develops through a narrative that offers a better user experience for our stakeholders, who are ultimately the ones we are working for, with the goal of building sustainable and long-lasting relationships,” says Aurelio Bustilho, CFO of Enel Americas. 

In this same vein, Enel Americas’ Administration Manager, Pedro Zúñiga, adds, “we are very proud of the results of this initiative, which takes the value of the Integrated Annual Reports to another level. Our stakeholders will have quick and easy access to indicators regarding the company’s strategies, not only in the financial scope, but also related to relevant issues today such as the environment, social contexts, governance, and others.”

In a growing world of interaction and connection, Enel Americas takes a step forward with this new way to communicate its data, figures, results, and other information that can be found at https://beyondreporting.enelamericas.com