Operational efficiency hand in hand with technology

Less pollution: this energy also drives São Paulo!

In the world we live today, we have to do something thinking about the future. Electric cars bring benefits for everyone

Innovation in Renewables

“My experience has been very important for my development, since I have learnt about different technologies and power generation processes which have made me open up my mind to new things, making more knowledge available to me”.

Brazilian innovation is recognized in a global event

"I am very proud to have coordinated more than 30 innovation projects here in Ceará, in the last 5 years. My team and I left the interior of Brazil to conquer the Enel world"

GPS technology helps prevent bird extinction in northeastern Brazil

Eco bricks

Within the framework of constructive, ecological and solidary development, Enel Argentina is carrying out the Eco Ladrillos program, whose purpose is collaboration in respect to the construction of living spaces for persons in social risk.