ESG seal

The ESG seal certifies our participation in the S&P IPSA ESG Tilted Index of the Santiago Stock Exchange. This recognition demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and the integration of environmental, social, and good governance (ESG) factors in its daily work.

Financial Calendar

Release of Financial Statements for the year 2017

Annual General Meeting

Release of Financial Statements as of March, 2018

Release of Financial Statements as of June, 2018

Release of Financial Statements as of September, 2018

Conference Call Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Interim dividend payment

Release of Financial Statements for the year 2018

Release of Financial Statements as of March 31, 2019

Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

Release of Financial Statement as of June 30, 2019 and Closing bell: Celebration 25 years @NYSE.

Citi’s GEM Conference 2019 - New York

Chile Day - Londres

Santander EUROLATAM Infrastructure & Utilities Conference - New York

Release of Financial Statements as of September 30, 2019

Morningstar Conference 2019 - Chicago

Conference Call Results FY2019

Shareholders Meeting 2020

Conference Call 1Q 2020

1H 2020 Results Conference Call

Enel Américas 9M 2020 Results Conference Call

Merger proposal conference call

Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting 2020


FY 2020 Results Conference Call


Ordinary Shareholders Meeting


1Q Results Conference Call


1H Results Conference Call


9M Results Conference Call


Annual Report 2020


Information Management Manual

Transparency and honesty are fundamental values throughout the Enel Américas family.


Head Of Investor Relations
Rafael de la Haza
Law degree, specialized in Community Law. Master’s degree in international taxation and certified in ICIR by the Investor Relations Society of London. Rafael has extensive experience in the areas of tax and legal advising, and in Investor Relations in various private sector companies in Spain, Italy, and Chile, where he has worked for the majority of his professional career.