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Circular Economy

The Circular Economy emerges as a solution, proposing a change from the linear model based on extracting, producing, consuming and disposing to a more sustainable economic model through innovation, competitiveness and care for the environment. The big social and environmental challenges facing the world require a radical revision of the conventional development model. It seeks to decouple economic development from the exploitation of natural resources, thus rethinking the design of its processes and products, and in turn contributing to the regeneration of natural ecosystems.

It is based on three fundamental principles:

1)Eliminate waste and contamination from the design of products and services.
2)Maintain materials and products in use over time.
3)Regenerate natural ecosystems.

Six years ago Enel began its transition towards a sustainable business model with a decisive acceleration of the decarbonisation process. In 2016, in line with this decision, Enel expanded this approach to cover all the Group's businesses, adopting, among other things, the Circular Economy model as a strategic accelerator.