Materiality Analysis

Material issues

The highest priority topics are described below, although each of them and their associated risks are covered in each chapter of the Sustainability Report 2022.

Health and safety: Enel Américas consistently takes care of the health of its employees, through a preventive approach that seeks to reduce occupational health and safety risks.

Protecting people's health and lives is a pillar of our sustainability plan’s people component that we approach from a risk prevention and reduction perspective related to occupational health and safety. We are aware that operational continuity is crucial to business success and depends on safety risks. Preventing and mitigating risks allows us to achieve business sustainability, beyond statutory requirements.

Good governance and corporate conduct: We have a solid corporate governance structure that is based on the principles of transparency, ethics and integrity. We combine international practices and standards with local regulations in order to manage potential risks. The governance structure is designed to allow us to monitor and control the potential impacts on Company operations. The Board of Directors is one of the main governance bodies. Integrity in operations is supported by the implementation of our global compliance mode.

Decarbonization of the energy matrix: Climate change is currently one of the main challenges facing humanity. That is why we are continuously finetuning our strategy to contribute to the fight against climate change. As part of our efforts to grow and develop new renewable capacity, we took another step towards decarbonizing our energy mix and meeting the Enel Group’s target under its direct CO2 emission reduction plan.

Infrastructure and grids: In line with our just energy transition, having a solid infrastructure capable of guaranteeing quality supply to inhabitants in the concession areas is of the utmost importance, and enables us to address the global trend of energy consumption electrification. Strengthening this infrastructure calls for adopting new technologies, robust processes and digitization operations companywide, thus improving electrification and, with it, supporting the energy transition and new energy uses. That is why we continuously roll out improvement plans involving grid maintenance and modernization to reduce the number and duration of service outages.