Fiscal Transparency and Governance

Tax Gobernance

Enel Americas Tax Affairs Department is tasked with applying the Group's tax strategy. It is responsible for managing and ensuring tax compliance, planning, and monitoring at the local level. Likewise, as a Company we have adopted a set of rules, procedures and standards that are part of Enel Group's broader system of organization and control. These are applicable both at the Group level and at each subsidiary's local level. These documents are available on the company's Intranet, accessible to all employees, and constitute the general rules of conduct applicable in tax matters for the development of its activities. In addition, there are specific organizational documents - both at global and local level - on tax compliance processes, tax planning, tax monitoring, transfer pricing and tax risk management.

Tax Risks

In order to provide clear and consistent guidelines to address an effective approach to tax risk management within the Company, we have a Tax Control Framework (TCF), setting out guidelines and methodological rules to consistently assess, control and manage tax risk, according to the principles and guidelines established in the tax strategy. The TCF seeks to identify the potential sources of tax risk, using compliance with tax regulations as a framework. To do so, processes and activities are mapped, and possible risk events are identified in order to determine appropriate control measures. This is done periodically, and its results are reported to the competent corporate functions and bodies so as to establish the most appropriate way to mitigate such risks.

Transparent relations with tax authorities

Transparency and integrity are ensured in our relations with the tax authorities and we collaborate with all institutions and associations involved in order to pursue an effective tax system. We have been publishing the Total Tax Contribution Report annually since 2018, available on the website. We have internal channels to facilitate potential complaints about any tax infringements. Meanwhile, the Group's Code of Ethics is a framework for operating in this regard. The Code contains appropriate provisions to ensure its effective implementation and requirements that must be considered to comply with the provisions of the tax strategy. For further details of the tax contributions made by the Company see Enel Enel Americas website.



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