The company’s shareholder capital is divided into 107,281,698,561 shares, with no face value, all belonging to the same series.

As of June 30th, 2023, all shares were subscribed and paid, and they were owned in accordance with the following breakdown:

Ownership Profile

Ownership profile June 2023


Ownership structure June 30th, 2023
Enel S.p.A 82,3%
Others institutional investors 7,5%
Chilean Pension Funds 9,4%
Other shareholders 0,84%
Total 100%

Institutional Investors

Fondos de pensiones chilenos 55,5%
Bancos custodios 6.039.778.762 33,3%
Fondos de Inversión Extranjeros 256.061.747 1,4%
Corredores de Bolsa, Cías de Seguros y Fondos Mutuos 1.773.786.236 9,8%
Total 18.119.696.122 100%