Growth in renewables

For Enel Américas, the enabler of customer-centric electrification to move to Net Zero is the increase in electricity generation through new renewable energy projects, which will allow the energy mix to change and move from polluting thermal energy to clean energy, moving towards eliminating coal-fired power by 2027 at the latest and abandoning gas-fired power by 2040.

The 2022–2024 Strategic Plan seeks to incorporate 3.5 GW of new renewable capacity while simultaneously decommissioning 0.5 GW of thermoelectric capacity, reaching a total capacity of 19 GW in 2024 with 14.5 GW—equivalent to 76%—from renewable sources.   

The plan calls for an increase of 3.5 GW of capacity, of which 62% corresponds to wind energy and 38% to solar energy. 2.7 GW are already under construction and correspond to wind projects that will come into operation between 2022 and 2023. 

For more information, refer to the Enel Americas 2021 Sustainability Report