The focus on this program

Six years ago, Enel began its transition towards a sustainable business model, with a decisive acceleration of the decarbonisation process through the development of renewable sources and the progressive closure of coal-fired power plants. In 2016, in line with this decision, Enel expanded this approach to cover all the Group's businesses, adopting, among other things, the concept of circular economy as a strategic engine. This enabled the launch of new business initiatives and the reassessment of existing ones by applying innovative thinking in the design, procurement, production, operation and end-of-life phases of asset and material life cycles.

The circular economy represents a kind of paradigm to allow Enel to rethink the current development model, combining innovation, competitiveness and sustainability to respond to the main environmental and social challenges of today. This approach, in line with our Open Power model, has been consistently implemented within Enel over several years, enhancing collaborations and contributions from external stakeholders.

It is an issue that at the same time has rapidly developed globally at the institutional level, both in Latin America and in Europe.

It is a rapidly expanding topic that faces new challenges in terms of understanding and implementation. In particular:

 - The theme of circular cities, or how to redesign the cities of tomorrow. This is a topic that is rapidly growing in relevance.

 - The issue of governance, or how an open governance model can help accelerate the transition to a circular model.

 - The role of sustainable finance in this transition and what relevance the issue of the circular economy may have in this context.

 - Integration between decarbonisation and the circular economy: two issues that have historically been born in separate ways and are increasingly being addressed in an integrated way

This training course aims to address these most recent and relevant topics related to the circular economy, with the participation of Enel experts and external experts to deepen and share the different points of view.