The Materiality Matrix prepared by Enel Américas shows the priority topics for stakeholders and strategic topics for the Company. This is not only the basis for defining the topics to be addressed in the Sustainability Report, but it also guides the entire Company's work focuses.

Priority of the issues assigned by stakeholders


Based on direct surveys to stakeholders, supplemented with secondary sources of information, the priority and level of satisfaction of each material issue is identified for each stakeholder. Results obtained allow the Company to generate an overview of stakeholder expectations and identify the issues on which it should focus its strategy.

These results allow the Company to build an "Expectations Matrix", which reflects that most of the issues analyzed are in the "Supervise" quadrant. This means that the Company does not manage the issue. Therefore, there is low stakeholder satisfaction, and this requires active management.

For more information, refer to the Enel Americas 2021 Sustainability Report