Enel Américas S.A. is South America’s leading private electricity company and participates directly and indirectly in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and other related businesses.

It has operations in four South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Direct and Indirect Stakes (*) as of december 31, 2020


  Business Ownership 
Enel Generación Costanera S.A. GX 75.6%
Enel Trading Argentina S.R.L. TX 100.0%
Enel Generación El Chocón S.A. GX 65.7%
Edesur S.A. DX 72.1%
Yacilec S.A. TX 33.3%
Central Dock Sud S.A. GX 41.2%
Central Vuelta Obligado S.A. GX 25.4%
Termoelectrica Jose de San Martin S.A. GX 5.1%
Termoelectrica Manuel Belgrano S.A. GX 5.7%
CTM S.A. TX 100.0%
TESA S.A. TX 100.0%


  Business Ownership
Enel Distribución RIO S.A. DX 99.73%
Enel Distribución Ceará S.A. DX 74.05%
EGP Cachoeira Dourada S.A. GX 99.75%
Enel Generación Fortaleza S.A. GX 100.0%
Enel Distribución Goias S.A. (CELG) DX 99.96%
Enel CIEN S.A. TX 100%
Enel Distribución  Sao Paulo SA DX 100%
EGP Projetos I (Volta Grande) GX 100%


  Business Ownership 
Codensa S.A. DX 48.3%
Emgesa S.A. GX 48.5%


  Business Ownership 
Enel Distribución Perú S.A. GX 83.15%
Enel Generación Perú S.A. GX 83.6%
Enel Generación Piura S.A. DX 96.5%

Gx: Generation
Dx: Distribution
Tx: Transmission / Sale
Ox: Gas pipelines and other 
(*) Operating companies of Enel Américas.