Sustainability as a Global Challenge

By 2020, we want to bring access to electricity to 3 million people who currently have no power supply, to promote social and economic development for over half a million new beneficiaries and to educate 400,000 children.

We are also committed to becoming a 100% carbon-neutral company by 2050 in order to make a tangible contribution to protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change.

Enel Group and, as part of it, Enel Américas have actively demonstrated their commitment to these four causes, offering new energy products and services so as to generate long-term shared value with communities.

“Integrating sustainability into our operational decisions and strategies is a philosophy that guides our changes and reflects our concern for three core areas: the environment, social development, and economic sustainability”

We all win

Creating shared value means win-win for the company and society. We seek to implement policies and practices that improve a project’s competitiveness while also contributing to the economic and social development of the communities where we are present.

The new Open Power approach of Enel Group and, therefore, also of Enel Américas seeks to make us ever more open to cooperation and engagement with our stakeholders. It is our new way of seeing the world, of facing the challenges of the future and creating shared value.