• Enel Américas has a total of 16,731 employees (24.3% in Argentina, 56.9% in Brazil, 0.3% in Chile, 12.9% in Colombia and 5.6% in Peru).

  • 19% women

  • 8,022 employees teleworking 

  • 40.3 hours of training on average per employee

  • Creation of a Task Force in each country to define, coordinate, and report on actions related to Covid-19.

  • Support for the physical and mental well-being of Enel Américas employees.

  • Joining the Valuable 500 global initiative to promote and unlock the business, social, and economic value of people with disabilities around the world.  

  • Participation in Equal by 30 global campaign for gender equality.


For more details visit the Creating Shared Value (CSV) section.


For more information, review the Enel Americas 2020 Sustainability Report.