Successful completion of the first period for the subscription of preferential options for capital increase

Published on Tuesday, 30 July 2019

  • The company achieved 97.3% of the capital increase requested at the extraordinary shareholder’s meeting that recently took place on April 30th in Santiago. 

Santiago, July 30th, 2019 – This past Friday, July 26th, the first period of preferential options for subscribing the Enel Américas capital increase ended.  The day ended with a 97.3% of the new shares paid.  During said period, both in the local as well as in the United States markets, a total of 18,224,843,129 shares was subscribed and paid for, for an amount totaling US$2,954,396,773 approximately, a total of 504,945,557 new shares remaining unsubscribed and unpaid for, for a total amount of US$81,855,822 approximately.

Maurizio Bezzeccheri, Enel Director for Latin America and general manager for Enel Américas highlighted the operations’ success. “This means that almost all of the investors support the operation and all fully confident regarding the Enel Américas strategy in order to continue its path towards growth in the region.”

Aurelio Bustilho, Enel Américas CFO, explained that “The Enel Américas capital increase is the largest cash operation carried out in Chile, which is why we are proud that the market has valued this through such a high percentage in its first stage”.

Recently, on April 30th, at the extraordinary shareholder’s meeting, the capital increase for S$ 3 billion was approved by a 72% majority. The purpose of the capital increase is to strengthen the company’s flexibility so as to prepare it for a new stage of growth and to take advantage of potential opportunities for strategic investments.

The second period for preferential subscription, in Chile, shall be for a period of 24 days and the new shares will be offered at the same price offered during the first preferential subscription period, that is, at a price of S$ 0.162108214203236 per share.  These new shares shall paid in cash at the time of subscription, in United States dollars or in their equivalent in Chilean pesos, according to the “Observed Dollar” exchange rate published by the Banco Central de Chile in the Diario Oficial on the respective payment date.