Enel Américas launches circular economy school

  •  120 employees from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru to participate.
  • A course is due to be offered to stakeholders from these five countries that will cover subjects including cities of tomorrow, governance for the circular economy, sustainable finance and decarbonization.


Santiago, June 21, 2021. Enel Américas has launched the second edition of its Circular Economy School for Latin America, an initiative that aims to extend the circular economy culture within the company. This time round, in addition to the internal program, the company will offer an open course for stakeholders from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

The school will present an overview of circular economy basics to its 120 students as well as new business models, the role of design, impact metrics, sustainable finance, governance and circular cities. The course will emphasize the fact that the circular economy forms the basis of a new sustainable economic model that aspires to redesign business models across the entire production chain through innovation, not only technology.

“The circular economy has always been a driver for redesigning Enel's business model. The school covers all of the strategic areas that enable us to delve deeper into the role that the circular economy can play in terms of economic competitiveness and sustainability,” said Maurizio Bezzeccheri, CEO of Enel Americas and Latin America director of Enel. “This year we have also created an open course for the main interest groups of our company to promote knowledge sharing on these topics, share our vision and learn from their experiences as well.”


An open course for stakeholders

The objective of the Circular Economy open course is to share Enel's knowledge with its interest groups and receive their ideas and suggestions. Each session introduces the topic, presents the Group's vision, includes an external speaker and leaves time for discussion at the end.

Marcos Penido, infrastructure and environment secretary with the São Paulo state government, will participate in the first session entitled "São Paulo stat's approach to circular cities." Another of the speakers will be Pablo Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad del Desarrollo, who will talk about circular development models for cities. Maurizio Bezzeccheri will present Enel's vision.

The complete open course program consists of four sessions to be held in June and July, and which will analyze the following topics: cities of tomorrow, governance for the circular economy, sustainable finance and decarbonization and circular economy.