The New Power in the Amazon

Reforestation and green energy programs without dams or aqueducts.

“ We will use water flow to produce clean power and meet growing electricity needs”

Energy from water without dams or aqueducts

We are building a hydroelectric system along the Dos Apiacás River to provide green power for the Alta Floresta area.

We have designed three systems in a cascade configuration, where the water that turns the turbines of the upstream plant is returned to the river and then recaptured for use in the downstream plant, without any dams or aqueducts.

We use water flow to produce clean power and meet growing demand for electricity in the region which, as in much of the rest of Brazil, has been rising by around 4% a year.

The golden rule: work together

We believe that respecting a territory means basing all activities on maximum sustainability. This is why our projects in the areas of Cabeça de Boi, Fazenda and Salto do Apiacás have been launched and developed hand-in-hand with the communities.

Reforestation programs, teams responsible for protecting the rainforest’s plants and wildlife and a photovoltaic facility to cover our project’s power needs all form part of joint work with the project’s neighbors that has opened a new chapter in how energy is generated in the area.

Green power in the heart of the Amazon

Thanks to Enel América’s projects, water is now being used in a network of hydroelectric plants that are filling the heart of the Amazon with clean power. This will keep the forest intact and allow the area to produce not only the oxygen that the planet breathes, but also the power that keeps it moving.