Lighting Up People’s Quality of Life

“Beyond improving the lighting, with the modernization work that we have been implementing, we are improving people’s quality of life, embellishing their municipalities and recovering their spaces. For the communities, the change has been very favorable not only in terms of security, but also in terms of their economic and social development.”

– Diego Valderrama Acevedo, Deputy Manager of Public Lighting and New Services in Enel Colombia.

So far, nearly 15,000 street lamps have been modernized with LED technology in Bogotá and the other municipalities, in which approximate energy savings of 45% is estimated.

Today, the global trend is to transform all energy systems to LED technology. The Company’s evolution at a global level in this area is ongoing. Codensa, a company of the Enel Group in Colombia, has taken advantage of the experience, support, and good practices in the public lighting market that the company has in the countries in which it operates, and has adapted it to the needs of its communities, to incorporate the technology of the future.