On the other hand, the distribution and transmission grid infrastructure plays a central role in the energy transition, as it is a facilitator of electrification. Therefore, 55% of the CAPEX 2022- 2024 will be allocated to new connections and the digitalization of the grid, which will not only increase access to clean energy, but also increase the reliability of the grid, key aspects that will allow customers to manage their own consumption, acting more and more as active consumers and participating in the dynamics of the electricity market. The Enel X business line also supports the path towards energy transition, with a strategy focused on offering a portfolio of integrated services, with a vision beyond the single value of the commodity. That said, in the period 2022- 24 it expects to invest around US$230 million through this line, which has a strong presence in Peru and Colombia. 

Finally, the remaining 2% will be allocated to the free market in a context of greater liberalization of the markets in which Enel Americas operates, to encourage the consumption of renewable energy through new services and energy solutions. 

For more information, refer to the Enel Americas 2021 Sustainability Report