The world is increasingly interconnected, aware of its identity and committed to its progress, major present and future energy challenges can only be addressed by sharing knowledge and promoting a collaborative and proactive attitude in which all the actors involved (communities, clients, our people, etc.) take a role as co-managers in a shared vision of the future.

Be Open Power meaning to improve everyone's future, and this goal must be achieved through a new approach that combines a commitment to sustainability with the best in innovation.

Being part of our team means finding the most sustainable solutions on the energy scene.

It means prioritizing and fostering innovation and safety in everything we do in constant collaboration between different cultures within a framework of inclusiveness, always adopting new perspectives, committing to professional development based on talent.

Our people, our fundamental values, our abilities, and our qualities are the energy to achieve our challenges and a better future for all, a shared vision of the future.

We invite you to review:

  • Our principles and policies: HERE.
  • Our sustainability reports: HERE.