A selection process that goes beyond formal requirements
The right skills and attitude are key for building a more sustainable world. We need your enthusiasm and your most significant experiences. This is why our selection process goes beyond a resume and formal job requirements.

Obviously, we value your qualifications and skills. Nevertheless, we also value your passion, your talent and your aspirations, your soft skills and your competencies, which are very important to us and for this reason we consider them essential in our selection process.

Write a resume that can outline your skills and passions

Some advice for you:

  • Be tidy, clear and simple. Try to fit your resume on one page.
  • Include essential information that can help you stand out right away, like education, experience, skills and non-business activities. This is because your passions often reveal the real you.
  • Include a brief description where you present your profile and explain why you should be chosen for the position. In addition to traditional skills, specify your soft skills (abilities that have to do with personal aptitude and not with technical expertise).
  • Outline your education and professional experiences in chronological order (last first).
  • Always include your contact details.