Fundación Empresarial Eurochile and Enel Chile organize the II Conversatory: Circular Cities for Chile in Antofagasta

Published on Monday, 21 November 2022

Antofagasta held the second of three regional events discussing the future challenge within their territories facing circular transition.

The Second Circular Cities Conversatory was held on November 15 in the Eduardo Bustos Obregón Auditorium at the University of Antofagasta. The event's purpose is to discuss the vision of a circular city, a new urban model with advantages exposed in the recently published study 'Circular Cities for Chile' that focuses on the energy, construction, and food sectors' transformative potential.

The meeting, part of a cycle of three talks, is part of the publication developed by Enel Chile in conjunction with the UC Davis Chile Extension Center and with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Ministry of the Environment.

These instances seek to connect national and international experts, highlight local innovations, and call for territorial #circularaction in line with the National Circular Economy Roadmap and international commitments for climate action.

Natalia Correa, Head of Circular Economy, led the study presentation, followed by two-panel discussions that brought together local experts.

Panel 1: Implementation of Public Policies and Governance for the Circular Economy saw the participation of Fernando Varas, Seremi de Medio Ambiente, Ingrid Jamett, Director of the Center for Circular Economy in Industrial Processes (CECPI) of the University of Antofagasta; Andrew Trench, Vice President of the CChC Antofagasta. José Aravena, Executive Director of Fundación Empresarial Eurochile, acted as moderator. He is also an event organizer along with Enel Chile.

Panel 2: Innovative Solutions for a Circular Antofagasta, moderated by Karla Sepulveda, prominent national journalist, and Nicolás Sepúlveda, Executive Director of CREO Antofagasta; Pamela Pérez, President of Fundación Ecorayén; María José Larrazábal, Project Director of Valora Alimentos, from the University of Antofagasta, will share their opinions.

Ricardo Díaz, Regional Governor of Antofagasta, gave the closing remarks. The day ended with a technical visit to Valora Alimentos and Laboratorio H2V at the University of Antofagasta, two regional circular initiatives aiming to promote great value projects for the area's inhabitants.