Circular Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, towards a new paradigm for sustainable urban development

Published on Friday, 31 March 2023

Circular cities from a regional perspective

How can we continue to promote sustainable urban development? Today, several regional governments have taken significant steps to implement circular initiatives. The signing of the Declaration of Circular Cities of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021 reflected this phenomenon, bringing together different actors from urban centers that recognize the urgency of the environmental crisis and commit to a set of measures to move towards an urban transition towards sustainability.

However, it is necessary to generate concrete tools to share knowledge and strategies to establish this new sustainable paradigm. In this context, Enel and the Center for Innovation in Cities of the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) joined forces to propose a reference framework for the signatory cities of the declaration itself so that each one can make a diagnosis of its progress and review cases of good practices.

This document aims to share knowledge, provide tools and broaden citizens' awareness of the circular economy, main concepts explaining a circular economy's potential, case studies of projects, and implementation of circular value chains in the region's cities—also, guidelines: lines of work to move towards circularity.