CircularFest celebrated its first edition in Antofagasta

Between November 30 and December 1, the event brings together essential actors from different sectors of academia and industry committed to the circular economy model with massive participation.

CircularFest continues touring the regions of the country. For two days, the Circular Economy Technology Center (CircularTec) organized an initiative that brought together key stakeholders from the Antofagasta region. Representatives from the public and private sectors, academia, and SMEs gathered to discuss critical issues related to the circular economy, its transition, and how these factors can be applied in the strategic business sector in the region as well as other areas of the country, such as mining and energy.

Andrée Henríquez Aravena, the executive director of CircularTec, appreciated the public's participation during the two-day CircularFest event. The event covered topics such as the significance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the circular economy, sustainable value chains in circular mining, and circular models for a fair energy transition. Andrée Henríquez said, "During these two days, we discussed and placed science and technology at the heart of the conversation. We had a lively discussion about the circular economy and the challenges our country faces regarding science and technology in the industry."

Andreé Henríquez recently commented on an upcoming challenge with the CircularFest in the northern macro zone. The event will highlight the bioeconomy and address the discussion surrounding the role of the circular economy in developing more regenerative societies. "We are looking to promote regeneration, focusing on agricultural systems. To this end, during our 6th season, we will approach this subject from an agricultural perspective. We went to Arica to discuss these issues, considering the strong component of desert agriculture in that region. We have also added a component focusing on understanding regeneration and how society can improve its relationships through this process."

The signing of a cooperation agreement

CircularFest Antofagasta was an excellent opportunity for creating collaborative partnerships. At this event, CircularTec and the National Center for Mining Piloting (CNP) signed a cooperation agreement that has sparked discussions between the two organizations.

Andrés González, the general manager of the CNP, stated that this agreement results from long conversations and joint work between CircularFest and the National Center of Piloting. The agreement focuses on areas where there is an overlap with the Technology Center so that the work areas can be oriented towards accelerating the development of circular economy technologies by piloting them. The ultimate goal is to push the development of such technologies toward a stage where they can be implemented more quickly.

Andrée Henríquez, the Executive Director of CircularTec, stated during the closing ceremony of CircularFest Antofagasta that their organization plans to expand its reach to all the regions in the northern zone to bring together all stakeholders involved in transitioning towards a circular economy model. This will enable combining views and opinions from all sectors and actors affected.