Sustainable supply chain  


  • 2,572 tier 1 suppliers.

  • 71,196 employees of contractors.

  • US$ 8.1 billion in payments to suppliers. 

  • Implementation of the WeBuy platform, a new purchasing platform for cloud-based tenders, with 984 tendering processes completed in 2020: 280 in Argentina, 417 in Brazil, 170 in Colombia, and 117 in Peru.

  • Inclusion of sustainability K factors in the supplier selection process. 441 KPIs incorporated in 2020 for 536 contracts, with an amount of US$ 1.037 billion, equivalent to 59% of the contracted amount).

  • Holding virtual Suppliers Day 2020, with Enel Américas' suppliers and contractors.

Occupational health and safety 


  • Development of action plans and risk management plans associated with Covid-19.

  • Training based on the Pillars of Safety and HSEQ.

  • Attention to behaviors through self-care programs, increased Near Miss reporting and Safety Observations. 

  • Attention to people, focused on training and developing competencies: "Yo me cuido. ¿Y tú me cuidas?” ("I take care of myself. Will you take care of me?") Health and Medical Surveillance Program.

  • Attention to facilities and contractors: Safety Moving Pool Program, Enel Index Asbestos Program, Safety Assessment Plan, digital accreditation of contractors, work permit management, risk assessment on the E4E platform, global power generation intrinsic safety project, HSEQ 4U safety inspection entry platform.

Environmental sustainability  


  • 2.77 Mtoe of fuel consumption in generation.

  • 3.54 thousand m3 in water consumption in areas without water stress

  • 32,301,065 MWh in fossil fuel consumption 

  • 6,896 thousand tCO2eq Scope 1 emissions

  • 86 tCO2eq Scope 2 emissions, based on location

  • 463 tCO2eq Scope 2 emissions, based on market

  • 5,315 thousand tCO2eq Scope 3 emissions 

  • 231 thousand tons of waste generated, 97% non-hazardous



  • First Annual Shareholders' Meeting held virtually

  • More than 300 meetings were held virtually, including one-on-one meetings requested by investors as well as roadshows and conferences. 

  • The duties related to sustainability, including climate change, were delegated to the Enel Américas Directors' Committee by the Board of Directors. 

  • Approval of new risk taxonomy, with 6 macro-categories and 37 subcategories: Strategic, Governance and Culture, Digital Technology, Compliance, Operational, and Financial.

  • Recertification of the Enel Américas' Crime Prevention Model and update according to the changes to Law 20.393 due to the effects of the pandemic.

  • ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System Certification for Enel Brasil, ED Ceará, ED Rio de Janeiro, ED Goiás, ED Sao Paulo, Enel X Brasil, CIEN, and CGTF (Brasil), Enel Generación Piura, Chinango S.A.C, and Enel X Perú S.A.C. (Peru). Recertification of the Anti-Bribery Management System for Edesur (Argentina), Enel-Codensa and Enel-Emgesa (Colombia), Enel Distribución Perú, Enel Generación Perú, and Chinango S.A.C. (Peru).

  • 182 anti-corruption training sessions for approximately 12,200 people.

  • 93 reports received through the Ethical Channel. 

  • Analysis of Human Rights matters.

  • 437,297 hours of training on sustainability matters, including Human Rights.


For more information, review the Enel Americas 2020 Sustainability Report.