• Innovation Ecosystem: Two work areas under the Open Innovability model: Innovation Hub and Ideas Hub.

                            - Innovation Hub: focus on collaboration between Enel Américas and external stakeholders.

                           -  Ideas Hub: promotes the internal culture of innovation.

  • Innovation projects were developed to respond to the pandemic in 2020, including the promotion of virtual collaboration platforms, design of products to prevent the spread of Covid-19, adaptation to new ways of working, use of drones, among others. 


Digitalization can lead to economic, social, and environmental sustainability by encouraging a more conscious approach to energy consumption, providing energy access—especially to vulnerable populations—and enabling an environmentally conscious use of energy. Digital transformation is key to the energy transition, and Enel Américas has incorporated it throughout its entire value chain by optimizing its assets, managing distribution networks, and offering personalized services for customers and its employees.

Pillars of the digitalization strategy:

  • Digital Impact, related to customers, assets, and people.

  • Data Driven, connected to Cyber Security, Platforms, and Cloud.


Main digitalization initiatives:

  • Customer interaction tools: SmartSmart Invoice and virtual assistance, Unique ID, promotion of applications such as WhatsApp

  • Enel X charging

  • Smart meters 

  • Improved payment collection processes


Internal programs

  • E4E - Evolution for Energy

  • Enterprise BI Platform

  • RPA Administration


The Enel Group has a holistic and systemic action and management model for cybersecurity that applies to all its companies, including Enel Américas. Senior management and global strategic management are committed to the model, which has established the need to use world-class technologies, design ad hoc business processes, increase people's cyber awareness, and implement cyber regulatory requirements.

  • In 2020, the Company worked hard on cybersecurity education, training, and outreach, in addition to strengthening data protection methods.

  • As a reflection of Enel's leadership, the Cyber Security Unit participated in the drafting of three WEF (World Economic Forum) reports on cyber resilience:


                       -  "Cyber Resilience in the Electricity Ecosystem: Playbook for Boards and Cybersecurity Officers.”

                       - "Cyber resilience in the electricity Industry: Analysis and recommendations on Regulatory Practices for the Public and Private Sectors.” 

                       -  "Cyber resilience in the electricity ecosystem: securing the value chain.”



  • First Edition of the Enel LatAm Circular Economy School, 8 weeks of training with 100 employees from the different business lines.

  • Launch of the circular platform, to support the development of people's "circular" behavior, as a focal point for all circular culture initiatives promoted at Enel through information, news, and multimedia content.

  • Main results by business line 

For more information, review Circular Economy and the Enel Americas 2020 Sustainability Report.