Enel Americas among Latin America’s best corporate governance practices

Published on Wednesday, 26 February 2020

The study was performed by GovernArt and VigeoEiris and 5 countries and 139 companies listed on the stock exchanges of the respective countries participated in it.

Companies from Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru were measured. In total, 139 companies participated in the 2020 Annual Corporate Governance Study carried out by GovernArt and VigeoEiris. The measurement was carried out between August 2017 and August 2019.

In Latin America, Enel Americas positioned itself among the 10 best companies in Corporate Governance practices and it appears as the second best company in Chile’s ranking.

“In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the stakeholders’ interest in measuring the performance in good corporate governance practices of companies in Latin America. At Enel Americas, we are making every effort to improve the transparency of our corporate practices, how we implement them, and how we communicate them to our stakeholders,” said Maurizio Bezzeccheri, the Company’s CEO.

A total of 7 aspects were analyzed in each of the companies, including: the work that companies do to prevent corruption. In this item, Enel Americas is again recognized as one of the best in Latin America.

On this path to improve governance practices, in early 2019, Enel Americas received the ISO 37001 certification, which recognizes the effectiveness of its anti-bribery management system.

The 2020 Annual Governance Study evaluated 139 companies in 5 countries:

• Brazil: 55 companies

• Mexico: 28 companies

• Chile: 26 companies

• Peru: 18 companies

• Colombia: 12 companies