Enel has a specific governance structure inspired by international best practices and integrates them into different decision-making processes and operations throughout the entire value chain.

Sustainability strategy

The Enel Américas 2020 Sustainability Report has been structured according to the Sustainability Plan, separated into 4 sections:

  • Energy Transition, through the actions taken in relation to zero-carbon ambition, electrification, digitalization, and platforms.  

  • People centricity, which will address social issues related to employee management and working with the community, who are key partners in advancing a just energy transition.

  • Growth accelerators, which are related to the innovation model that spans the entire business strategy, as well as a circular economy approach, supported by a digital and cybersecurity foundation that makes it feasible to carry out the strategy.

  • Finally, the four backbones underpinning the strategy are described: a sustainable supply chain, occupational health and safety, environmental management, and the sound governance model. 

    For more information, review Sustainability Strategy.

Participation in ESG indexes and rankings

Sustainability indices and rankings are instruments that evaluate performance in ESG areas. Therefore, these ratings and analyses are deemed to be a strategic tool that supports investors' decision-making, aiding the development of sustainable investment strategies.


For more details visit the ESG Indices and Rankings section.

For more information, review the Enel Americas 2020 Sustainability Report.

Value creation

The ultimate goal of the Sustainability Plan is to create value for all the Company's stakeholders over the long term. 

In 2020, the economic value generated by Enel Américas was US$12.656 billion. The economic value distributed was US$12.533 billion, which was distributed among the stakeholders according to the following proportion:

We invite you to learn more about our value creation through our annual report, as well as our contribution in the tax contribution report: 




For more information, review the Enel Americas 2020 Sustainability Report.