Proyects Enel X in Argentina



Public Lighting Project for the municipality of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires

The project consisted in the installation of 2,500 LED equipment for public thoroughfares and additionally, 200 Tele-management (Hardware and Software) equipment were provided in order to develop Smart Cities services. The project allows energy savings and uniformity in the lighting of public roads, while at the same time improving neighborhood safety.




Utility Bill Management Project for Banco Santander

The project consists in the implementation of intelligent software that analyzes the cost of the utility services (electric power, water, gas, waste) in real time, through the collection of bills and the verification of their accuracy. The service automatically detects possible billing errors, at the same time identifying the possible consumption reduction opportunities, comparing the results at each company site. The specialized and dedicated consultancy by Enel X also includes the search for possible agreements for purchasing clean energy from outsourced suppliers.



Launching of micro-insurance and home assistance services.

Home assistance is a low cost, multi-assistance product including the possibility of making monthly payments in the electricity bill, to which more than 5,400 customers have subscribed.

Micro-insurance offers low cost insurance to customers with the possibility of making monthly payments included in the electricity bill, subscribed by 2,300 customers.

Both services allow access to financial services for low income customers, who otherwise would have no access to said services, due to the lack of banking possibilities.



Installation of the first charging stations in Argentina.

Thanks to the agreement with Axion, the oil company, Enel X has started operations with the first chargers for electric vehicles in Buenos Aires service stations.  The new facilities are framed within the initiative of fostering sustainable mobility.