Enel X proyects in Colombia


  • Transmilenio Project in Bogota, Suba, Fonibon, and Usme localities

The project consists of the design and construction of the four lots where the 477 electric buses of the Integrated Public Transportation System in Bogota are to be charged, installing 222 charging points and the associated electric power infrastructure, in order to guarantee the main input for the correct operation of the fleet, through efficient and intelligent operation, allowing the optimization not only of the operating costs, but also continuing to reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

  • Artistic Lighting Project – Bogota Christmas

The Christmas lighting project in Bogota illuminated more than 12 kilometers of roads and more than 150,000 square meters of parks and plazas, with a total of more than 55 well-lit sites, which for 37 nights were lit with low consumption Christmas lighting and a low caloric production, where we installed nearly 13 million light bulbs represented by 10,500 Christmas decorations.



  • Uninterrupted Power System Project for Hydrocarbon Exploitation plant in Colombia.

The project consisted of the installation of 12 uninterrupted power systems for one of the largest oil companies in Colombia, increasing the reliability of the electricity supply with 100% regulated energy in voltage and frequency, with a 99% system availability, allowing the customer to operate under full load, with no power outages, preventing production losses. This system has sustained the load for the last 246 days in 107 115 KV network events.


  • Comestible Italo PV Project

Comestibles Italo signed an agreement with Enel X for the installation of 1,080 photovoltaic panels on the roof of their factory, in the industrial zone of Bogota. It will be the largest solar plant in the city, with a production of 490 Mwh annually and will be able to cover 13% of the company’s electric power consumption.

In a second phase, the plant will be expanded with 2,500 more panels, which will allow the company to generate a surplus of electric power with respect to its needs, which can be sold to the national grid. In this way, thanks to the electric power savings and tax incentives offered by Colombian legislation, the company calculates that it will achieve a full return on the investment in only 10 years.



  • Codensa Crédito Fácil

The project seeks to develop a platform enabling customers to have their first experience with the financial system, through a credit card, which allows them to spread the payment of their purchases between one and 48 installments, and to include the payment of the latter in the electricity bill. Currently it is the only credit card with which you may enter the city's Comprehensive Transportation System (SITP), paying the following month on the electricity bill with no additional charges. It has a portfolio of more than 1.2 Trillion pesos.

  •  Incorporation of the Aseo business model into the Enel X products portfolio.

In Colombia, street cleaning/garbage collection services are charged through another public service and in the Enel Codensa concession area, these services had historically been carried out through the aqueduct service. However, since 2018, Codensa began to approach the operators approved by the Government to incorporate the billing of the street cleaning/garbage collection services in the electricity bill, managing in 2019 to incorporate into the Enel X portfolio joint billing with the street cleaning/garbage collection services with two operators in the city of Bogota and one in Cundinamarca. Currently, more than 96,000 customers are billed and charged through our Enel Codensa invoice, which represented revenues of 1 million euros in 2019, and 3 million euros are expected for 2020, through the incorporation of a new operator in September.



  • Corporate car fleet.

Enel X has developed projects with Cabify and Avianca for the implementation of a fleet of 12 electric cars. The projects also include the installation of 4 fast chargers.

Electric car fleet for employees.

By means of a partnership with automobile manufacturers, it offers its employees the possibility of having access to the purchase of electric cars through financing and fleet discounts. Today we have more than 80 100% electric cars in Colombia.