Enel X proyects in Perú


  • Storage ON Energy Project.

In May 2019, Enel X Perú completed the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ON Energy, a company dedicated to the design, implementation, and operation and maintenance of Battery Systems, with operations in several countries in the continent.  This document states the baselines for the cooperation towards the development of Storage solutions in Peru, combining operational capacity and localized experience. It is a first step in order to be able to implement these types of large-scale projects that have potential in the entire region.  This MoU confers upon Enel X Perú the opportunity of positioning itself as an early leader in the Peruvian market. In Peru there is a need for a real market: for some customers, the electric power demand reaches monthly peaks corresponding to 30 – 40% of what is received.



  • First electric bus in Peru:

The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) and the member companies of Enel X and Hydro-Québec inaugurated the first electric bus in Lima with the collaboration of Protransporte and the Peruvian Ministries of Energy and Mines, of Transportation and Communications, and of the Environment. The electrification of transportation may play an important role regarding the compliance by Peru with its commitment to reduce the carbon footprint by 30% before 2030.  The 80-passenger electric bus shall be operated by the Allin Group, one of the local operators of Protransporte, in the Corredor Rojo line (Main Lima avenues: Faucett-La Marina-Javier Prado), one of the busiest arteries. During the next two years, the three partners will be responsible for the maintenance of the charging infrastructure that has been specifically designed and built for the operation of this vehicle taking into account the requirements of the country and the city.  The pilot project will compile in real time information on factors such as speed, use rate, battery behavior, environmental impact, comparisons with vehicles using diesel oil or gas, among others. This information will enable the creation of baselines and to provide the necessary knowledge for the adoption and implementation of a mass electric power transportation system in Peru.

  • First contract for the improvement of Public Lighting for the municipalities of San Miguel, Bellavista, Callao, and Magdalena del Mar in Lima:

Public lighting improvement project that was carried out in the San Miguel district through an agreement signed in June 2019, for the incorporation of 138 LED lights. This is how Enel X's B2G (Business to Government) business line handled the stage of the plan for smart lighting installation in the district, with the Municipality of San Miguel, involving the main thoroughfares and parks in the district that are close to said Municipality. The project was carried out in a 60-day period starting in September. Enel X installed approximately 1,200 LED lights, which will provide a more efficient lighting system, electric power savings, and a higher quality illumination than the regulated system.



  • Electric power taxis project

Through cooperation between Enel X, BYD, the Chinese car manufacturer, and the Directo Taxi Peruvian company, a pilot project has been launched for the implementation of two electric taxis in the capital city, Lima. The taxis will circulate during six months in order to collect all the necessary information regarding vehicle performance to then evaluate the integration of 30 electric cars into the taxi company's fleet.

Enel X will install the charging stations, a Juicebox Pro 32 and a Fast Charge, while BYD is to supply the two electric vehicles that Taxi Directo will manage.



  • Implementation of "Corners Enel X" in service center for the sale of appliances in Lima.

In order to facilitate access to customers, especially low-income ones, three corners of renewable energy products, such as solar panels and eco-friendly ones that promote electric mobility, were set up. This allows expanding the product portfolio and migrating from products associated with PEDS lighting to other environmentally-friendly alternatives.