Enel X Proyects in Brasil


Photovoltaic project for Claro

 Enel X built the largest photovoltaic plant for Claro in Pernambuco. The project included the installation of 15,330 panels that are to supply clean energy, preventing the production of ~1,203 tons of CO2 yearly. The project was implemented through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) business arrangement.



Commercialization of energy efficient products in Sao Paulo

Through a new contract with Tokio, a Brazilian insurance company, the coverage of the company's insurance and assistance products for the Sao Paulo region was negotiated, developing new sales teams in the area.  Spaces were negotiated in the distributor's service centers and starting in July, 2019, sales began for customers, who have the possibility to pay in installments charged in the electricity bill.

Third Party Billing in Rio de Janeiro, Goias, Ceará, and Sao Paulo.

Through the service distribution companies, Enel offers collection services to commercial and philanthropic entities for the purchase of diverse products, which customers can pay in their electricity bills.  Thanks to this service, the Enel Distribution customers increased by 540,000, and 5.5 million transactions have been carried out.



V2G Project in Brazil

Taking advantage of the possibilities that storage technology gives us, Enel X is developing several projects. At the Latin American level, Enel X was the first company to take V2G technology to Brazil. The charging station is bi-directional and was designed to supply power from a Grid to Grid system. This system allows the optimization of power consumption, to perform “Peak Shaving”, price arbitrage, and to count on backup power.