In Latin America, Enel X is part of Enel, a multinational group operating in more than 30 countries. It is the largest private company involved in renewable energy with an extensive electric power distribution network, encompassing the largest customer base in the world.

In Latin America, Enel is present through electric power distribution, generation, and commercialization companies, with a long history that has enabled us to evolve together with markets and customers, acknowledging the particularities of each country.

In the last few years, Enel has provided its customers with products and services that go beyond electric power and, on this basis, has put together the Enel X business line, seeking to deliver sustainable solutions towards the creation of shared value for its stakeholders.

The purpose of Enel X is to satisfy the needs of cities, companies, and persons by offering comprehensive solutions, seeking to stimulate conscious and efficient consumption, aiming to incorporate more elements particular to the circular economy.

Enel X is an innovative company, committed to the environment and to good corporate governance practices. Enel X has the capacity to adapt itself to the market dynamics and to react to the needs of customers through digitalization, where customers are transformed into active and relevant participants.

With an eye to the future, Enel X wishes to create a new market, opening energy to new uses, leveraging upon the change of context in an industry that is seeking to focus itself on decarbonization, urbanization, digitalization, and renewable energy.

Enel X stimulates the active participation of its customers, shifting its focus from a product offer to one of integrated services. Towards this end, it has defined four strategic pillars for materializing this approach: e-Mobility, e-Home, e-City, and e-Industries.





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Enel X Perú

The purpose of Enel X is to enable the development of transport electrification, in the private segments, commercial fleets, and public transport. A large part of Latin American cities, where Enel X is present, are considered “megacities”, which have specific challenges such as reducing pollution, increasing security, and improving connectivity and information in cities.

The nature of Latin America's megacities makes public transport essential on a large scale. In fact, electrification provides an opportunity to reduce levels of pollution, congestion, and improve the experience of using public transport.

Enel X has taken this context to create a new market for electric public transport in Latin America, thus leading the massive adoption of this technology on worldwide basis. In this regard, Enel X has taken an active role, boosting relationships between different public and private organizations and also working on the expansion of the electric recharging infrastructure throughout the territories.

This becomes important in view of the growing number of private vehicles in emerging economies, where the supply of electric vehicles is expected to become comparable to that of internal combustion vehicles.

Enel X, with its smart charging value proposition, seeks to reach all those customers with effective experience in costs and business relationships.